Here we are again.

Well, it’s been several years since I’ve done any blogging.  A combination of things lead me to blog more infrequently….and then my host decided to kill the old SQL version which all my data was sitting on, and I couldn’t be bother to salvage all my work so…b-bye blog.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this blog.  My last one was focused on the world soccer from the perspective of an American fan.  I built up a decent amount of traffic with it, but I can see myself really caring about that now.

I see myself just blogging (ranting?) about things I enjoy.  Yeah, there will be plenty of soccer content, but expect to see opinions about other sports as well.  If I get no traffic, that might be good too.

Anyway, they say getting started is the hardest part…guess it’s all downhill from here.

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